I met Selena for the third time on 1/1/2012. My friends and I knew she was in NYC and decided to go to her hotel and try to meet her but wasn’t sure if she left already to LA.When we got there at first we were the only ones there and started to wonder if she left already. Then after 10 minutes of waiting Justin’s security guard and Selena’s step dad walked out and we knew both Selena and Justin were there. My two friends and I waited next to the door. We waited some more and more people came. Her step dad kept coming in and out talking on the phone sounded like Selena or someone couldn’t find their purse or something. When the problem was resolved he went back in we started getting excited hoping she came out soon. After a short while Selena and Justin came out my friends and I asked Selena for a picture and then we asked Justin to be in it too he was like “You want me in the picture too.” and he smiled. We took out picture with Jelena. And I noticed my picture was blurry so I asked Selena for another one and she was super nice and was like “Sure sure.” My friends and I noticed she was sick and we told her to get better and she smiled. She’s always so nice and awesome-@NeverShoutKarii
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My selena experience!

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